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On New Year’s Day 2015, I was called to make the switch from a meat and dairy diet to a plant based one, and my health has been on an upward trajectory ever since!  Now I am called to share what I’ve learned during that challenging transition and the years since with the world, because I truly believe a plant based diet can cure most any ailment a human can have, and in the process help mother earth with some of the biggest challenges she faces.

Read on if…

high blood pressure…

high cholesterol…

cardiovascular disease…


chronic inflammation or joint pain…


high blood pressure…


cognitive decline…

chronic or recurring illness…

has a presence in your life or the life of someone you care about.

*** Current Course Offerings ***

Plant Based Bliss: An Introduction

Interested in exploring a plant based diet but not sure if the food will taste any good?  Worried that you’ll be hungry all the time?  Concerned the foods will be too difficult to prepare?

Come spend an evening with me where I’ll prepare a delicious, nutritious and satiating 3 course meal that will show you just how easy it is eat a plant based diet.

It’s the perfect way to go on a date with a Vegan meal to see if the two of you might get along.  No commitments.  No challenges.  Just a simple one time date to dip your toe in the miracle pool of plant based meals.

During the 2 hour cooking demonstration, I’ll also introduce you to mouth watering plant based alternatives to everyday kitchen staples like cream cheese, butter, milk, ice cream, cheeses of all types, eggs, and more! 

Plant Based Bliss: 6 Week Transition Course

Ready to make try transition away from a meat and dairy focused diet to a plant based focused one but don’t know where to begin?  I’ve got you covered!

In this 6 week transition course, I’ll guide you step by step on how to wean your body and mind off of its addiction to meat, dairy and processed carbs and into a more plant-centric diet.

You’ll get the guidance, support and accountability you need to stay the course and discover the naturally healthy state your body created and designed to effortlessly be in all the time. 

To learn more about my offerings and if any are right for you, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me.
During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.


What They Say

"As the #1 patron of Erin’s test kitchen, I can firmly attest that one thing is for sure true about this beautiful women: There is no greater passion in her life than food.  Save for maybe us, her family, which is the primary “why” and the test subjects for her food and nutrition exploration, so I’m pretty sure the two are inseparable anyway. She goes to bed reading about it, wakes up dreaming about it (for real!), and spends all day experimenting with it.  I’m the picture of health and having a food genious for a wife is one of the key reasons."

Nate Hitchcock (Bend, Oregon) (Erin's Husband)

"Erin Hitchcock is a passionate woman and food is one of her great passions. She is present with food in a way that few of us can claim and she infuses the food she cooks with love. Her passion is contagious and she will help you fall in love with your food and inspire you to truly nourish your body. Erin also has an intuitive and educated understanding of the various emotional, cultural and nutritional components that are part of the food relationships and she can help you to come into a harmonious rapport with food. "

Jane H. (Bend, Oregon)

"Erin is one of the most passionate and earnest chefs I know.  Not only does she calibrate her foods to be the highest in beneficial nutrients, they are amazingly delicious.  And I say this as a card-carrying-carnivore absolutely loving her vegan dishes.  She is also a tremendous athlete.  Having similar training and obstacle coarse racing backgrounds, her and I have shared various exercise and training techniques.  I can only imagine how transformative a coaching regimen from her could be.   If you are seeking a powerful healthy lifestyle, I would highly suggest you seek out the guidance and wisdom from Erin Hitchcock."

Chuck R. (Bend, Oregon)

"Erin is an intuitive listener. During our consultation, she knew when to pause, when to ask deeper questions, and really listen to what I was saying. She offered realistic suggestions and tools, different ways of thinking about my health and wellness that I truly appreciated. I was surprised (pleasantly!) by her intuition and pointing out underlying or unresolved issues that may be affecting my own journey to good health and fulfillment. She is a knowledgeable and gifted coach. It's like spending time with a wise, healthy friend who just wants the best for you!"

Sara R. (Bend, Oregon)

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