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Plant Based Bliss: 6 Week Transition Course

When I transitioned permanently to a plant based diet on New Year’s Day 2015, 2 months into my 40th year on this planet, I faced a lot of challenges.  You can read about the adventure in greater detail in this blog post, but to summarize what I was up against:

  • Of my family of 4, my husband was at best patronizing of my endeavor, while my daughter and mother (who lives with us) were downright opposed.
  • I had a whopping 2 people in my life who were plant based.  Ever other family member, friend and coworker was a hardcore meat and dairy lover.
  • I was a bad ass boot camp fitness instructor, kicking people’s butts 6 days a week in an industry that lives by the creed that you need meat for protein to support extreme physical endeavors.
  • Although passionate about cooking and able to do just about anything in the kitchen, I had all of zero experience preparing plant based dishes.
  • I loved meat and dairy!  Twin bacon wrapped fillets topped with blue cheese beside creamy mash potatos was one of my favorite meals ever.

But when my body talks to me, I’ve learned to listen to it, so I rolled up my sleeves and declared, “Challenge Accepted!”

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Imagine a life in which you…

  • have clarity about if a plant-centric diet is the better option for your body
  • have clarity about if a plant-centric diet is the better option for your body and the planet
  • have experienced slowly transitioning your body off a meat and dairy diet and onto a plant-centric one
  • loose weight effortlessly without dieting or ever being hungry
  • have immensely more energy and endurance throughout your day
  • have lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • have less inflammation and joint pain
  • have begun to reverse many of your chronic illnesses
  • avoid the cold and flu season all together thanks to a vastly improved immune system
  • have healthier digestion
  • have a stock pile of easy to prepare crowd pleasing recipes that even the most picky of meat lovers will enjoy
  • enjoy a plant-centric lifestyle even if your family and friends are not
  • know how to eat plant-centric while traveling and dining out
  • know how to prepare for social events hosted by meat lovers and not starve
  • feel committed and empowered to continue your new healthier lifestyle
  • learn to think like a plant-centric chef
  • are creative and playful with your food
  • and more!

All of these and more are a distinct possibility for you after taking this course.  Results will of course vary for every individual, but the science is growing clearer every day: A plant based diet can vastly improve the health and well being of your body, and the planet, in just about every way imaginable.

The only way to find out though, is to give it a try.  What do you have to lose?   But the better question is, what do you have to gain?

Still have questions?  Send me a message!

What’s included in the course…

  • 6 one hour live classes, held in an online video based classroom, with an optional additional 30 minute Q&A session afterwards
  • 3 week plant based meal plan to get you started
  • Plant based alternatives cheat sheet
  • Plant based eating out guide
  • Loving and supportive accountability from your classmates and a community of nutritional explorers who share your goals
  • Kitchen pantry and refrigerator staples shopping list

Your Investment: $399

* Scholorships are available for those in financial need!  I don’t want this life and planet saving knowledge to be limited to those of sufficient affluence, so please contact me if money is the only reason you wouldn’t take the course.  Seriously, I am not kidding!  Do not pass this opportunity up over money!

To learn more about my offerings and if any are right for you, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me.
During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.


What They Say

"As the #1 patron of Erin’s test kitchen, I can firmly attest that one thing is for sure true about this beautiful women: There is no greater passion in her life than food.  Save for maybe us, her family, which is the primary “why” and the test subjects for her food and nutrition exploration, so I’m pretty sure the two are inseparable anyway. She goes to bed reading about it, wakes up dreaming about it (for real!), and spends all day experimenting with it.  I’m the picture of health and having a food genious for a wife is one of the key reasons."

Nate Hitchcock (Bend, Oregon) (Erin's Husband)

"Erin Hitchcock is a passionate woman and food is one of her great passions. She is present with food in a way that few of us can claim and she infuses the food she cooks with love. Her passion is contagious and she will help you fall in love with your food and inspire you to truly nourish your body. Erin also has an intuitive and educated understanding of the various emotional, cultural and nutritional components that are part of the food relationships and she can help you to come into a harmonious rapport with food. "

Jane H. (Bend, Oregon)

"Erin is one of the most passionate and earnest chefs I know.  Not only does she calibrate her foods to be the highest in beneficial nutrients, they are amazingly delicious.  And I say this as a card-carrying-carnivore absolutely loving her vegan dishes.  She is also a tremendous athlete.  Having similar training and obstacle coarse racing backgrounds, her and I have shared various exercise and training techniques.  I can only imagine how transformative a coaching regimen from her could be.   If you are seeking a powerful healthy lifestyle, I would highly suggest you seek out the guidance and wisdom from Erin Hitchcock."

Chuck R. (Bend, Oregon)

"Erin is an intuitive listener. During our consultation, she knew when to pause, when to ask deeper questions, and really listen to what I was saying. She offered realistic suggestions and tools, different ways of thinking about my health and wellness that I truly appreciated. I was surprised (pleasantly!) by her intuition and pointing out underlying or unresolved issues that may be affecting my own journey to good health and fulfillment. She is a knowledgeable and gifted coach. It's like spending time with a wise, healthy friend who just wants the best for you!"

Sara R. (Bend, Oregon)

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